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Is A Raw Vegan Diet Sustainable?


Learning about all the different options there are when it comes to choosing a healthier lifestyle can be confusing. You may have already decided that you want to follow a vegan lifestyle, but even narrowing your options down to this level can still leave you with a lot to think about. A raw vegan diet is one option many people find helpful, but is it sustainable? This article will discuss the diet in detail so that you can make a more informed choice for your lifestyle. 

What is a Raw Vegan Diet? 

A raw vegan diet is one where the temperature of any of your food choices never goes above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. It is believed that following this rule will allow more of the nutrients of the food to survive. This can help your body and health in two ways. The first is that it provides more nutrients, and the second is that it allows more of these nutrients to be absorbed. 

Benefits and Risks 

There are many benefits to following a raw vegan diet. Your body is able to absorb more nutrients, which gives you a bigger boost from the foods you are eating. This can lead to a decrease in your risk for diseases like heart disease. You can also see an increase in your energy levels because your body is being properly fueled with nutrition. A drawback to this lifestyle is that it can limit your options of food choices further and contribute to a restricted menu where you may find it difficult to include certain vitamins and minerals. 

Raw Vegan Diet Meal Plans 

On this diet, raw fruits and vegetables are definitely good staples to have at all times. This can also take some of the prep work out of meal times. Some great options to include in your menu would be things like smoothies. You can create nut milk to help make the consistency a little creamier if you prefer. You should also include things like a loaded avocado to help you get in the necessary healthy fats


As you can see, while following a raw vegan diet may take some extra planning time, it is certainly worth the additional health benefits your body receives. You are able to have additional energy and higher amounts of nutrients included every day on this diet.

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