1. Are there restrictions on who can use the 4 Levels of Raw?

This diet plan has been used for years with great success by people around the world.


2. Can I eat out on the 4 Levels of Raw program?

Most restaurants have options that can be modified to fit the diet plan.


3. Can I use the 4 Levels of Raw program if I’m pregnant?

I have designed raw vegan programs for 7 healthy pregnancies.


4. Do I have to exercise while using the 4 Levels of Raw to lose weight?

YES! This diet is designed to work with an exercise program that is the only way to metabolise your food correctly.


5. Does the 4 Levels of Raw program offer counselling tips or services for guidance?

Yes, it does, we have monthly conference calls and direct email consultation for anyone who needs help throughout the program.


6. How do I cancel my plan?

Just log in to your account and follow the cancellation directions in your account settings.


7. If I have diabetes, will this diet benefit me?

In the past, we have seen people with diabetes receive positive results by changing their diet. We have found some diet plans can help pinpoint certain conditions. Please refer to our book for a more detailed description.


8. What are before and after stories of the program?

Please refer to our testimonials section on our site to read some people’s experiences.


9. Is the 4 Levels of Raw a weight loss program?

We have seen people lose 20 to 100 pounds using our vegan programs.


10. Do I have to finish a level at a specific amount of time?

Not at all. Everyone can move at their own pace. We want to make sure everyone using our program transitions smoothly and comfortably.


11. Can teens and children use the program?

Yes! I have 8 children who have been raw vegan since birth. Every one of them is amazingly healthy.


12. Can I drink alcohol on this program?

I would not advise the consumption of alcohol on this diet.


13. Can I lose weight quickly?

People experience weight loss differently from one another, but we have seen people get weight loss results in as little as 1 week.


14.Can it help me lose belly fat?

Absolutely! Our diet combined with a proper workout plan will help combat belly fat. For more info about this, please refer to the weight loss section in our book.


15. Can it affect my blood pressure?

We have seen people reduce their high blood pressure when they switch to a raw vegan plant-based lifestyle.


16. Can it affect a woman’s cycle?

It’s actually beneficial in some cases. We have heard some women’s cramping and discomfort reduce when switching over to a raw vegan diet.

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